About BIS

Business Integrators Services, LLC is a computer and printer maintenance company. While our current focus is on the iSeries, pSeries, eServers, and printers, our core group of employees actually started together in the mid-1980's, specializing in Mid-Range equipment, applications, and communications on IBM 3X Systems.

The core group remained together, adding to their knowledge, skills, and expertise while also adding new skills in networking, PC’s, printers, along with high speed tape and disk data storage devices.

3X Sysems are, to a large extent, part of the past as we have focused on the iSeries, eServers, AS/400s, and RISC 6000s since their inception. The iSeries Systems and servers, along with all makes and models of printers, are our specialty, and connectivity is our strength, but our dedication to Customer Satisfaction is stronger than ever.

Our customers embrace our concept easily, resulting in high growth, profitability, and the ability to expand our services, our business, and our personnel.